Found December 13, 2012 on Celtics Green ...a boston celtics blog.:
That was quite the game. I'd rather have a 20 point lead going into the final 2 minutes. I'm too old for these close games. The guy predicting 2-12 for JET was pretty close, he finished 3-10. Like usual, there are the Paul Pierce wheelchair comments and the complaints about the refs and KG's screens. You can count on those like clockwork. They sure got worked up over Rondo's alleged flop there at the end but yet, a few comments before loved Mayo's acting job. Enjoy today's comments. I don't miss JET nearly as much as I thought I would. Jet goes either 6-8 or 2-12... Jet hits 8 3s goes for 30 and the game winner as the Mavs lose a heartbreaker More likely that Jet goes 0/8 from 3 for 5 points and Celtics lose. Jet hasn't been great this season, no Dirk to make him look good. Any team that is relying on Rondo to be their cornerstone in the regular season is EXTREMELY beatable. I know Rondo gets a lot of love around here, but I can't think of a single player that I find fun to watch who is more completely overrated than he is. He sure is better than DWill though. Not many PGs better than Rondo. I predict one of Brand or Kaman will get into a "heated conversation" with KG. No more Ray Allen to bail them out at the end of the shot clock anymore! Jet is good but he can't get off shots like Allen, and he is shorter and it's easier to alter his shot. Did you forget Jet still thinks he's Mr. 4th qtr in Boston too!?!? Screw Terry If Rondo will be defending Fisher and DC, Mayo will drop 40 tonight. Boston is quite bad this season. Not an easy game, god knows who gonna contain Rondo.... I for one think he is the best PG in the game right now. Hopefully he has a bad game... Terry Vs Mayo should be fun to watch. Still mad at JET for what he did to his tattoo. I hope Mayo ****s on him. ******* Joey Crawford... Garnett is going to **** all over Kaman. So Fisher gets called for that yet Garnett is allowed to set illegal screens Juice is going to have problems with Rondo on him. His handle is suspect as it is, Rondo's length and quickness is going to give him fits. That's 4 TOs by Mayo so far. Yeah it's Rondo's defense that is giving him all sorts of problems. Celts are lucky OJ hasn't got going yet. We'll destroy them if he does Is it a good or bad thing that I feel like Rondo's had a quiet night, then I check the boxscore and see he has 5 assists in 10 minutes. Brand needs to go or get almost no playing time. He SUCKS It's crazy how much worse the Celtics defense looks when Garnet sits. Lol fisher with a layup means poor defense Love illegal screen calls in a game with KG but he isnt the one getting them Celtics have no one that can bother Kaman. We can't even look at a Celtic jersey to strong without getting the whistle Get vince carters old slow dumb ass off this team Pierce is a BOSS with those pumpfakes... Really, RESPECT. Boston crowd Pretty lame Terry 0-4 Just like he did in the 1st half when he was with us. Down double digits. Expect no comeback. This team is built to be bullied. This game is why I hate MBA officiating. There hasn't been any truly horrendous call but they have consistently given the Celtics calls they haven't given the mavs 2008 Celtics had an amazing D but hell they were able to slap and foul the opponents 80s style... Kg has always fouled the crap out of people. The trick is if you do that stuff, do it all the time Kg is so overrated. By that you mean what? That he isn't one of the best power forwards of all time? He is easily a top 5-15 all time at his position. If not higher Mayo needs to learn how play against a good defensive player. All 4 of his shot attempts came against someone not named Rondo. Rondo isn't a good defender 11pt game...sigh. And its not like the Celtics are even playing well. At least we got a championship to make up for this garbage team. Celtics are just too poised...too much chemistry compared to us DAMN JET looks terrible. Celtics wasting money there. Don't be an idiot, he's shooting 46% on the year, and 37% from deep playing as the 4th if not 5th option. he's playing just as efficiently as ever with less minutes and attempts Usually I wouldn't mind KG taking those long 2s But he is nailing them Celtics' defense falls waaaaay off w/o KG on the floor. How do you let someone roll the ball with 4 sec left? Really?? Make him pick it up in the backcourt…my god Fisher has aching back what do you expect from a 50 year old point guard. Rondo's stigma as a poor shooter is not really applicable since last year. He’s not a great 3 pt shooter, but mid range? His a killer. Should not leave him open. This is such an anti-homer thing to say, but I think our scoring right now is more about them resting Garnett than anything we're doing differently Rondo is too good...he's just turning it on because he knows he's the best player on the floor. Terrible defense by the Mavs too...what's the point of those defensive substitutions if they're just gonna allow Rondo to get to his spot on the court Sheesh, why don't we just roll out a red carpet to the rim for Rondo and Lee. Garnet with the foul on fish. Bad no call Garnet is never called for his bullcraps He's the cleanest guy in the league Plays by the book, never does dirty plays. Just keep executing and don't turn it over we’re better than the Celts WTF IS WITH FISHER? We need Marion out there not a fcking 50 year old point guard.! Give ronda the shot..Always I give credit to the C's for taking away Mayo's game. Damn defense. I hate brand... This guys is blind and retarded Take advantage of this KG-less minute Pierce gets Jordan calls. Boston's a good defensive team getting away with bogus foul calls on both ends too Great matador defense by Jason Terry there. I don't miss Jason Terry's defense! Boston standing around like they gonna get this game no matter what. Rondo should hear from the league with that damn flop!! I liked Mayo's acting there Dramatic, but not dramatic enough to seem like he’s gaming the system Pierce has just been chucking up some of these arc at all on these fadeaways Dumb shot by Fisher...trying to show off there. That was a "I Have Handfuls of Rings" shot Celtics just aren't that good. Wow what a flop **** the Celtics Rondo should get the flop fine there. What a Pierce of sh*t! where's his wheelchair? Celts doing what they do #aholes Ronda is a dramatic b**ch. Stupid refs. I love Rondo but if he isn't fined/warned after that, I just don't know about the league's standard for flopping. Funny thing is that there are still people who think Deron Williams is better than Rajon Rondo. It's still early to tell but Rondo could go down as a HOFer when it's all said and done. KG is so damn good. It's terrible. Typically NBA reffing Of course they want to give the game to Boston Is there anyway we can get rondo> Everyone blaming the refs, first blame the missed free throws and the terrible airballs and turnovers. Refs giving Jones the veteran defensive specialist respect on the no-call The Celtics have gotten whatever they wanted tonight. I don't like watching Garnett when Dirk isn't around to wipe the floor with him. I'm appreciating the mavs fight tonight Now find a way to foul rondo out! We would have won it if they didn't call that flop by rondo LOL refs. All these makeup calls. And as usual doc complaining Do our guys still have the energy to run? Celtics look dead tired. Mavs running out of brain power Wow both teams look worn out Fortunately we have younger guys. Lets close this. A team turning the ball over so many times doesn't deserve to win Win or lose Celtics just aren't that great. We lost due to 28 TO’s. Nothing more. The refs cost us this one more than our turnovers Imo Carter is going to need a wheelchair after the game I’d push it, if they win Pierce's one? I’d pass Of course the Celts foul us before we shoot Even though they’re a-holes, they’re smart Very dissapointing Mavs didn’t deserve the win though I know The flopper Celtics do. They played great! Oh wait… so floppers deserve to win?! How so? The Mavs lost this ******* game by giving away the ball so many times And F*** FrankenRondo, flopping piece of sh*t I think the turning point was that rondo flop though At least we play the craptors on Friday [Discuss on CG Forums!]

Rondo & KG projected as All-Star starters after 1st returns in voting

1st Returns, East Backcourt: D.Wade (430,925), Rajon Rondo (382,613), Deron Williams (211,426), Kyrie Irving (155,989), Ray Allen (130,016) — 2013 #NBAAllStar(@NBAAllStar) December 13, 2012 1st Returns, East Frontcourt: LeBron (641,348), Carmelo (573,112), Kevin Garnett (218,246), Chris Bosh (210,724), Tyson Chandler (151,744) — 2013 #NBAAllStar(@NBAAllStar) December 13, 2012...

Dunk of the night: Rajon Rondo serves up the perfect pass for Jeff Green to finish.

Rondo with the gorgeous assist.

Rondo repping Welker

Welp, it’s a little late, but consider this a “late-night snack”. I was trying to find this pic all day, and the folks at Celtics Fanchat tweeted it just now. It’s our own Rajon Rondo talking with Patriots great Matt Light last night at Foxboro. Enjoy:  

Video: Garden Report: Celtics Beat Mavs in 2OT

The Celtics took 2OT to beat the Mavs at home, 117-115. Paul Pierce scored his 2300th career point and Rajon Rondo contributed with a near-triple-double, 16 points, 15 assists and 9 rebounds. Jared Weiss of CLNS Radio, Celticsblog’s Jimmy Toscano and Greg Payne of discuss the game in the Garden Report! Filmed and produced [...]

Paul Pierce wants a "Lucky" tatoo

The Celtics captain sent out this tweet yesterday evening: Any good Tatoo artist n Boston I wanna geta Luckythe leprachan tat if so send me sum of ur work — Paul Pierce (@paulpierce34) December 10, 2012 Clearly Jason Terry's presence is having an effect on Pierce.  Terry had this done shortly after signing with Boston: Follow Mark on twitter @LucidSportsFan

Rondo Cheers On Patriots’ MNF Game From Sideline

  Rajon Rondo came out to support the home team New England Patriots as they took on the 11-1 Houston Texans at Gillette Stadium Monday night. The Celtics guard got the best seat in the house, cheering from the sideline where he sported a #83 Wes Welker jersey, the same one he’s worn to previous games. Head coach Doc Rivers was in attendance as well where he sat in on Belichick’s...

Rockets knock of Celtics, 101-89

After trailing the entire 4th quarter, Paul Pierce gave the Celtics signs of life with a big 3 that cut the Houston lead to 88-83.  On the next possession Rajon Rondo poked the ball away from James Harden and dove for the steal, but couldn't quit come up with it.  Harden then buried a deep three to stretch the lead back to 8 with 4:41 to go.  Boston would never get any closer...

Why not go to the bench during the disgusting 2nd OT?

The 2nd OT featured some horrible basketball. After Paul Pierce opened overtime #2 last night with a three-pointer, O.J. Mayo made a layup at the 4:05 mark to make the score 108-107 in favor of Boston.  Then for the next three and a half minutes, nothing happened. At least nothing worth watching.  The play resembled the end of a long day of playground pickup games when nobody...

Celtics 117, Mavericks 115, 2OT

Paul Pierce scored 34 points, including a 3-pointer at the start of the second overtime to give Boston the lead for good, and the Celtics held on to beat the Dallas Mavericks 117-115 on Wednesday night. Rajon Rondo had 16 points, 15 assists and nine rebounds, and Kevin Garnett added 16 points for Boston. O.J. Mayo scored 24 points for Dallas, and Shawm Marion had 16 points, 11...

Fiddlin' and Diddlin: Boston Celtics Links 12/13

Herald  Celtics outlast Mavs Aging Celtics’ legs working OT It’s all up to Rondo Rajon Rondo shows C’s how much he needs to do|Old Mavs friends pay a visit Miscues stall Mavericks’ comeback bid against CelticsPierce scores 34 as Celtics top Mavs double-OT Globe  Final, Celtics 117-Mavs 115, double OT O.J. Mayo says he talked with Celtics over the summer about signing with...

Celtics Spread Holiday Cheer At Boston Medical Center

The Boston Celtics spent their day off Monday spreading Holiday cheer to patients at the Boston Medical Center. Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo even got into some competitive games of  connect 4:   via @Celtics, @AriannWilliams, @MollyAMcGrath

How we see it goin’ down: Celtics vs Mavericks

Tip: 8PM     Court: TD Garden     Watch it: CSN, ESPN     Hear it: WEEI Referees:  Joe Crawford, Derrick Collins and Mark Lindsay Get your tickets here: Boston Celtics Tickets The Matchup Record: 11-9 Record: 11-10 At Home: 7-4 On Road: 4-7 Streak: Won 1 Streak: Won 3 Leaders Leaders Buckets: Pierce (19.2 ppg) Buckets: OJ Mayo (20.8 ppg) Boards: Garnett...

Mavs rally, can't catch Celtics in double-OT

BOSTON (AP) -- Paul Pierce scored 34 points, including a 3-pointer at the start of the second overtime to give Boston the lead for good, and the Celtics held on to beat the Dallas Mavericks 117-115 on Wednesday night. Rajon Rondo had 16 points, 15 assists and nine rebounds, and Kevin Garnett added 16 points for Boston. O.J. Mayo scored 24 points for Dallas, and Shawn Marion had...

Celtics Survive Mavs 117-115

On Wednesday night the Celtics hosted the Dallas Mavericks. Coming into the game the big storyline featured Jason Terry as he matched up against his former team for the first time since joining the Celtics this off season.  Although Terry said it was just another game it's been well documented he wasn't pleased when the call never came for him to resign with the Mavs. In...

Celtics grind out double-overtime win against the Mavericks 117-115

My eyes are bleeding. In a primetime matchup with Jason Terry’s old team the Celtics treated us to a delightful double-overtime period where both teams forgot how to play basketball, but the Celtics eventually remembered enough to get by. The Celtics had a five point lead at the half after giving up an 11-6 Mavericks run to end the second quarter. Then the Celtics did exactly what...
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