Hoopster Nation 21: All Lollapalloza Jerseys Everything

Rob Cressy is joined by Gibson Smith & Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips as they dish about the upcoming Hoopster Olympics, aka Lollapalooza, the music festival where the best jerseys come out to play. The crew talks about the jerseys they plan on rocking at Lollapalooza, their recent jersey purchases, the bands they are most excited to see, plus Lollapalooza jersey trends they...
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Random Jerseys Compilation: July 20-27

These are random jerseys sent in via social media from July 20-27. With the NFL season right around the corner we are going to start seeing a good helping of NFL jerseys in the mix. My favorite jersey of the week goes to the Andre Rison Browns jersey. He was coming off three consecutive 1000+ yard receiving seasons only to give Browns fans one relatively disappointing season...
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5 Most Legit Athletes in Movies

I saw Trainwreck this weekend and was shocked by an emaciated LeBron. Then I realized he was in the midst of his paleo phase, so I was able to focus on his shockingly good performance. And I don’t even like the guy! Even better was Amar’e Stoudemire, who I’m really happy for, because that dude needs a fallback plan once people realize he’s not that good at basketball. That...
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Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Jay Baller

If Jay Baller was not the inspiration behind the character Kenny Powers from HBO’s East Bound and Down, he may as well have been. He clearly had the look for Hollywood and the drama. After Baller’s washout ten-year professional baseball career as a right-handed pitcher, police found him in his car passing a loaded and cocked pistol from hand to hand. During the arrest, a search...
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Random Jerseys Compilation: July 13-19

The feedback I got last week about the first random jerseys compilation was positive so we are gonna keep this party going. Above are the random jerseys sent in via social media from the July 13-19, plus a few sprinkled in from a while ago. It was interesting to see how many jerseys were captured at the grocery store. I saw a dude rocking a Paul George Pacers jersey yesterday...
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Friday Strut Off: Double J vs Ric Flair

What better way to head into the weekend than with a strut off between Double J Jeff Jarrett & Ric Flair.   Who’s got the better strut: Double J or the Nature Boy? Both have world-class struts that would have other strutters derelicking their balls. They both have flair (pun intended), and their pacing serves to heighten their flawless technique. The Nature Boy is the...
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1st Ever Random Jerseys Compilation: Yea or Nay?

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to compile & display the random jerseys that all of yinz send in on social media every week. The quality and quantity are too good for me to not give out the proper dap (more so than just retweeting them). At the same time, I don’t have the resources to be able to turn every one of the random jerseys into a post (as much as I’d...
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Fresh Random NBA Jerseys for Sale

I received a message from Derek Yates, a jersey enthusiast that’s part of the Bacon Sports community, who is selling some random NBA jerseys from his awesome collection on eBay. The lot includes some Level 4 jerseys that would look fresh on any hoopster this summer and definitely get you some dap. I figured I’d do him a solid as well as help any of you out who are looking...
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Jock Rock vs Jock Jams

As an aggressively mediocre high school athlete, one of my favorite pre-game rituals was listening to pump-up mixes the seniors made. Even more fun was when the infomercial for Jock Jams came on TV at 3:00 AM when I was probably watching some Saved by the Bell marathon. That got me thinking about pump-up albums, and I settled on two as the all-time best: Jock Jams and Jock Rock...
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NHL Draft Trivia

The 2015 NHL Draft has come and gone, and free agency has begun. How many players from the Chicago Blackhawks championship team will still be around after Stan Bowman has to make moves due to salary cap restrictions? Will first overall pick Connor McDavid turn out to be as good as advertised? Will new head coach Mike Babcock finally get the Toronto Maple Leafs over the hump? There...
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Hoopster Drops Mic With DeAndre Jordan Mavericks Jersey

Want to know how to get instant hoopster Hall of Fame status? Rock a DeAndre Jordan Mavericks jersey. In the NBA landscape, DeAndre going back to The Clippers isn’t gonna change much. They still ain’t winning a title in the West. Major burn for Mav’s fans. This is worse than signing Erick Dampier. H/T: @EFQZ1 If you see a custom or random jersey on the street snap a pic and...
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nWocast: Celebrating the 19th Anniversary of nWo Forming

Rob Cressy is joined by Tom Hamm as they celebrate the 19th anniversary of one of the greatest days in American history, the day that Hulk Hogan turned heel at Bash at the Beach and became a member of the nWo. They dish about where they were when Hogan dropped the leg on Macho Man and became Hollywood Hogan, who their favorite and least favorite members of nWo were, stories from...
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My Jersey Collection #2: Nick Adubato

Welcome to the second edition of My Jersey Collection, a series we feature the awesome jersey collections of sports fans in the Bacon Sports community. To have your jersey collection featured you’ve got to send over an email with pics to Make sure the pics are crisp (not grainy), tell us about the jerseys, and if the collection is good enough I’ll...
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USWNT World Cup Watch Party in Chicago Reaction Video

The USWNT just won the 2015 World Cup and we were in Lincoln Park at the largest watch party in Chicago documenting all the awesomeness that went down. Here’s a compilation video of the reactions after each of the USWNT goals vs Japan plus the final seconds as the USWNT is declared World Cup Champions! Check back on Monday when I drop pictures of the awesome USA attire and jerseys...
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Happy 4th of July Hoopsters

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays of the year. There’s grillin, chillin, & fillin our bellies with beers, brats, and tots all while celebrating the greatest country in the world. USA! USA! With the suns out the guns will be out and all you hoopsters best be rocking your Saturday’s best jerseys. Per usual I encourage you to send over pics of any random jerseys...
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Throwing Down Monster Dunks at the City Slam

This weekend I went to the City Slam (presented by Brisk) to take in what was the best slam dunk contest that I’ve ever seen in person. With G-Hunt by my side we witnessed an event that was better than anything the NBA Slam Dunk Contest has produced since the days of Vince Carter. Per usual I had me camera with my documenting all the awesomeness going down. To help set the stage...
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2015 NHL Draft: A Photo Diary of Jerseys & Players

Aside from loving jerseys way too much, I also happen to be a huge hockey fan. I know that seems unusual for someone living in South Florida, but it turns out that isn’t as far-fetched as most people think. My father and I, Panthers season ticket holders, scored free tickets to the 2015 NHL Draft in South Florida. Estimated attendance for the first round was about 12,300, and...
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Get It This Weekend

It’s time for your Friday motivation video. This week’s them is Get It!   We’ll be getting it this weekend so make sure to follow along on Snapchat @BaconSports as well as on Periscope. SEE MORE OF OUR ORIGINAL VIDEOS HERE The post Get It This Weekend appeared first on Bacon Sports.
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Stupid LeBron And His Letter

The NBA Draft is tonight and for a second this Andrew Wiggins Cavs jersey looked like it was gonna be hotter than Abigail Ratchford’s Instagram account. Then LeBron turned into the GM of the Cavs, Wiggins got traded, and the rest is history. I’m a huge fan of this Andrew Wiggins Cavs jersey because of what could become of Andrew Wiggins NBA career. He’ll surely be an All-Star...
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An Open Letter to Patrick Kane’s Mullet

Dear Patrick Kane’s Mullet, You are the real Stanley Cup Finals MVP. Duncan was great and all, but your star shined brightest. You were an emotional catalyst for your team when they needed you most, and your contribution will not soon be forgotten. Oodles of tender lovin’ care were put into your execution so that you could reign supreme over all other mullets. From the business...
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Hoopster Nation 20: Jerseys Dap & My Jersey Collection

Rob Cressy is joined by Gibson Smith & Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips as they dish about the dap they got rocking a Dana Barros Celtics jersey, Matt Maloney Rockets jersey, and Horace Grant Magic jersey. Tom also gives an update on the jerseys he saw at the Spring Awakening Festival and the crew discusses two awesome jersey campaigns we are launching: My Jersey Collection...
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Epic Blackhawks Celebration in Wrigleyville

The Chicago Blackhawks just won their third Stanley Cup in the last six seasons and we were in Wrigleyville to experience all the chaos and awesomeness after the Game 6 victory. Here’s a video diary of our experience from when the Blackhawks scored each of their goals to the crazy aftermath that ensued on Clark St. We watched the game at Country Club in Wrigleyville. This is the...
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Blackhawks Wrigleyville Celebration After Winning 2013 Stanley Cup

Holy ****. Holy ****. An ending to the Stanley Cup Final like that deserves two holy *****. The Chicago Blackhawks just hoisted Lord Stanley’s Cup for the 2nd time in 4 years and did so in unbelievably dramatic fashion. Since we always try and give you a perspective like you won’t find anywhere else we went to Rebel Bar in Wrigleyville to watch Game 6 and soak in all the goodness...
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Blackhawks Game 5 First Goal Reaction

Summertime Chi was coming in hot again as it was a delightful 80 degrees, the Old Town Art Fair was bumping, and the Blackhawks were taking on the Lightning in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final. My crew was kicking it at Old Town Pour House and per usual I decided to film the awesomeness that went down after that Blackhawks scored. Here’s the reaction of the bar after they scored...
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5 Weirdest Batting Stances in MLB History

One of my personal sayings is, “You can tell a lot about people from their Chipotle orders.” Brown rice and veggies? Health nut. Double steak burrito? Bro. Salad with no meat? Weirdo. Similarly, you can tell a lot about a baseball player from his batting stance. Some are strong and structured, like Albert Pujols. Others have more moving parts, like Gary Sheffield. And then some...
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