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Michigan State lost at home to Ohio State 17-16 on Saturday, and the Spartans defensive coordinator reportedly accused the Buckeyes of altering game tape sent to them during the week.

The Big Ten requires teams to provide conference opponents with film of all their games as shot by the team’s video staff. Spartans defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi reportedly said after Saturday’s game that the film Ohio State sent them was altered to remove pre-snap motions and shifts.

“We had tape cut off all week, where they changed the tape, I’m not gonna lie to you,” Narduzzi said after the game, according to the Detroit Free Press. “They send you tape and they’ve got it all cut off and you don’t get to see shifts or motions or anything else.

“A few other teams we talked to that they played, and we compared what they were looking at on tape to what we were looking at,” Narduzzi said. “We’re like ‘We don’t see any of that. We see it on their tape but not on our tape.’ So that’s something I’m sure the Big Ten office will hopefully take care of.”

Though an initial report said Michigan State had filed a complaint against the Buckeyes, the Free Press reported that the schools’ athletic directors worked out the issue.

First-year Ohio State coach Urban Meyer denied knowledge of the alleged doctored tapes.

“I don’t know anything about that,” Meyer said after his press conference. “I don’t handle the video. What are they saying?

“There is no video issue here,” Meyer reportedly told the Free Press.

Meyer has been rubbing Big Ten coaches the wrong way since getting recruits to flip their commitments from opposing schools on National Signing Day. This game film issue seems to be the latest controversy his staff has sparked.

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  • Cry babies.
  • So having the team remove parts of the game film when noone else is doing it is ok?

    Stay classy Ohio State
  • tatonkasmith : Maybe Santa will bring you a clue and a "Pair" this Christmas.
  • Sparty complaining after ANOTHER home loss. TOSU makes for alot of envy
  • i don't think there was any complaining about Notre Dame...no one tried to take the focus of what really happened in that game (poor passes, and even worse receivers)... and no one is saying anything about the players - they played well...it is not their fault that the coaches broke the rules...oh, and the complaint was filed BEFORE the game, before there was a winner and loser.. Dantonio did not go to the media about this - he took care of business, and never mentioned in any interview - before or after the game...he didn't try to make excuses.
  • Show me a team with the most excuses!!! I WILL SHOW YOU A LOOSER!!!
  • show me someone who spells loser, "looser", and I'll show a OSU grad!
  • LOL........you beat me too it!
  • How about someone that doesn't use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence should rethink making comments about someone else's use of the Enlgish language... or... someone who doesn't know the difference between 'to' and 'too' should reevaluate their own education before making fun of someone else... either way you go, shame on both of you.
  • typical michigan state still cryin cuz they suk and cant beat the best team!!do buckeyes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Right and Sparty was quick to say William Gholston just had the wind knocked out of him. He was clearly laying on the field without moving after being speared in the head by his own guy. The did not want to use the C word so he could quickly go back on the field.
  • Mephisto must not have a good team. He is crying and wish his team was half the team that ohio state is.All it is , that everyone is tired of ohio state having one of the top programs in the country.You can cry all you want. I guess you do not keep up on football much, still cheatin, is that the best you can come up with?
  • These teams are getting worse and worse...it is win at all costs. Push the limit as far as you can. ALL because the conferences and the NCAA only go after certain schools. Money rules. Coach Meyer may not know about it...but he SHOULD - it is HIS TEAM! These little violations are all part of the coaching philosophy. My guess is that Michigan State is not much better. From government to sports, cheating is part of the game plan.
  • WHAT POOR LOSERS!! How do we know they didn't cut the film themselves then have the audacity to accuse OSU? I wouldn't put it past a team from up north even if it has a state after its name.
  • That's a stupid statement.

    Typical response from a homer who wants and needs to justify **** he knows is wrong, but can't admit since his team is doing it.
  • That's a really uneducated statement. The report was made prior to the game - they were not "poor losers" when the report was filed.
  • another Urban Meyer tactic.I can;t believe he doesn't review all film to make sure something really informative doesn't get revealed.
  • And of course, MSU has NEVER done ANYTHING unethical, against NCAA rules, or even close to cheating, right? They need to shut their cheating *sses the hell up! Gee, ANOTHER team has beat them, so there must be cheating! How about you s*ck because your team is too interested in playing the black game instead of playing football. Get your criminals in line, and stop whining.
  • I don't believe there was any accusations against Notre Dame after our loss to them... They beat us outright - their defense kicked butt...but OSU wouldn't know that because they don't play them - ever. If they broke a rule, they deserve to face the consequences. Who care if we, as fans, agree with the rule - it doesn't matter....EVERY school in the Big Ten needs follow the regulations, or yes...they are cheating. I am very open to hear about when MSU has been caught cheating under Dantanio - I am not aware of it...he is a respectful coach.
  • Notre Dame dosent want to play OSU. Ohio State wanted to make it an annual thing back in the early 2000's but they backed out because they diddnt want one more loss on the schedule. Everyone had their shot last year at THE OHIO STATE. Its over for the BIG. What a bunch of cry babies. BTW im about 1000% sure that Gholston was knocked out as he laid there motionless for about a minute or two and probley received a concussion. Im sure thats going to come out as soon as his mama gets wind of this and wants money.
  • What happened to the era of playing without having the benefit of viewing opponents tape or style of play. This is why it is called a GAME. Eliminate all these "sissy' requirements and just go out and play.
  • sharing tape had been the norm forever. you aren't even making sense.

    Here's the deal. There is a set accepted guideline that everyone follows... except for Ohio State. I guess you can defend that if you want to.
  • AHHH...."The Big Ten requires teams to provide conference opponents with film of all their games as shot by the team’s video staff"...are you kidding? Like these guys can't take their own video and study that? Sort of reminds me of that childs rule.."everyone who plays gets a trophy". Ohio was not cheatin...if the game depends on them giving up their moves..well let the opponents study and learn them on their own dime!
  • Never really been involved with football at any level have you? High Schools share game film, colleges do. It's the norm... decided on by everyone but you apparently
  • Whether we agree with the rule or not - it is not our decision....the rules need to be followed - I don't care what team it is.
  • I agree completely with you. I diddnt even know that the teams had to supply film until today. I thought they sent scouts out to the games to get film. What a joke.
  • I knew it when Myer was coach in Florida he got away with this sort of stuff. But since he's in Ohio and part of the Big-10 that's not going to be allowed! I see how the bread is buttered if your not a SEC team the darling of the NCAA than you can get away with anything under the sun I guess he'll be penitilized for breath just like the Vest it sickens me.
  • its OHIO STATE.
  • Urban Legend and sportsmanship. Only when it benefits him. That's why he's a great fit at Ohio State.
  • Mav8543, I think you may not have read the entire article. Did you get to paragraph 3? If not, please see this short portion of paragraph 3:
    "The Big Ten requires teams to provide conference opponents with film of all their games as shot by the team’s video staff. According to the report, Michigan State did not get full game film of Ohio State until Thursday and was forced to go to nonconference teams who played Ohio State for more film."
    As shot by the team's video staff (OSU's staff). It does NOT state "As edited by the team's video staff."
    So, then if OSU failed to do that, they were not following Big Ten requirements, which could easily be classified as cheating.
    If not following the requirements isn't cheating, then WTF is it?
    Please clarify. Thank you.
  • I wonder what slush fund at Ohio State pays the refs to not make penalty calls at critical points in the game. You cannot miss that many calls honestly. Yes! Ohio State cheats! They like to go to Penn State and take warm showers together too.

    There were at least 8 "no calls" in this game and 9 last week. That is far too many to call it just missed calls.
  • While I agree with you on the bad calls....there was no need to bring comments like that in about Penn State in.
  • Hey Asskatfan, Being envious of winners is part of anger born from wishing your team would be successful. TOSU has alot of scrutiny and regularly spanks Penn State not bending over like you would
  • unnecessary and actually quite disguisting to even mention Penn State in that manner...
  • Whatever! So today is Sunday morning and I get up to read this about Ohio State. What a crock!
    So why wait until Sunday morning or late Saturday night to make a complaint MSU?
    What happened was you got your butt beat on your home turf and now need to make excuses. You had all last week and /or prior to make such a claim if you had not received the tape on time. If it was cut, then why not mention it Thursday evening, Friday, or Saturday morning?!?!?? Nope you wait until after the game ad complain.

  • the report was filed before Saturday's game.
  • Can people read??? It was filed BEFORE the game. The bottom line is why does OSU feel the need to edit and/or omit game footage....would it really make that much difference??? Is it that big a deal? Hmmmmmm...........
  • Nothing...and I mean NOTHING...would surprise me when it comes to Urban 'The Snake' Meyer!!!
  • Well to me this NCAA regulation makes perfect sense. lol what stupidity is this. Like the Banker posting on the front door how to rob his bank,just to be fair of course. I never heard of this moronic regulation. I assumed college ball was like HS ball. If you want to now about the team your gonna play you send a scout to check them out and tape them yourself.When will these schools finally have enough of the NCAA and bow out of thier dictatorship and self serving regulations. Regs like this do nothing for the sport any more than the resent santions against teams for things not related to football.The NCAA has gotten too big for their colective britches and needs to be cleansed from college sports.
  • Well the justice or silver lining is that Ohio State can't go to a bowl game this year. It'll be nice not seeing them in December/January.
  • Wait Ohio State football do anything under the table? What I find even more unbelievable is that Ohio State would do anything above board and play on a level playing feild.
  • First of all... the report was NOT filed because they lost...because the report was filed BEFORE the game started...Second of all, anyone at all who knows anything about Big Ten Football knows that Dantanio rarely complains - even when everyone else may think it is warranted, but he doesn't....so for him to actually do something - something is going on. Third...whether we agree with the video rule or not - it is not our call...I totally feel that it should be up to the team to get their own video, but the Big Ten has regulated it...therefore: a rule is a rule, and anyone who does not follow it is cheating. I mean come on - if your kids broke one of your rules at home because they didn't agree with it, would you be like "oh ok...it's a dumb rule anyway"... I hope not! .... And as for Meyer to "not know about it"...unacceptble. That is his program, his name - he knows everything that is going on - and if he doesn't...he's lying - because he does.
    I'll be the first to tell you yesterday's game sucked - and the bad calls by the refs DID affect the outcome of the game (oh yeah I'm talking about that effed up fumble recovery) ... but i will not minimize OSU's win at all, they did play well - and it is not the players fault that the coaches/refs didn't follow the rules.
  • Cry me a river! “We had tape cut off all week, where they changed the tape, I’m not gonna lie to you,” If the MSU claim is true why wasn't the NCAA notified immediately? Sounds more like someone trying to manufacture an excuse for another loss. It's common knowledge that some of the Big 10 coaches (MSU is one of them) have an axe to gring with Coach Meyer for getting some of their so-called prized recruits to change their commitment to OSU after have committed elsewhere to other Big 10 teams...but none of those recruits had yet signed on the dotted line. There's recruits every year who swear commitment to a certain team and at the 11th hour change to another team but when OSU is involved it's "dirty pool." Haters are gonna always hate and if you look at the teams that many people continually despise you'll notice one thing common to all of them...they have been perennial winners. Put the blame for the MSU loss where it really belongs, on the MSU receiving corp who couldn't catch a cold yesterday.
  • Did you miss the part where they did not even receive the tape until THURSDAY???... That is ridiculous in itself...so they watch it, make phone calls to other schools...and the Big Ten was notified prior to the start of the game. It is no secret that OSU has had an issue following rules... and it doesn't matter if we think the rules are stupid...these teams and coaches are well aware of the rules, and if they don't follow them they deserve to face the consequences - and that goes for EVERY team.
  • Kikilu, did you miss this....."We had tape cut off ALL WEEK, where they changed the tape, I’m not gonna lie to you,” according to the Detroit Free Press. “They send you tape and they’ve got it all cut off and you don’t get to see shifts or motions or anything else.” You do know what all week means, right? So it certainly appears that the so-called infraction surfaced itself far in advance of just Thursday yet they waited until after they lost to cry about it. Once again, if the MSU receivers didn't have hands made by the Bethlahem Steel Corporation and hear footsteps of the OSU d-backs the game outcome would have been completely different. And, as mentioned below, are there no DVR's/Tevo's in East Lansing? I'm sure MSU has several tapes on all the games their opponents have played so far this year. MSU has a good team and the Buckeyes looked mediocre at best in their non-conference games. Do you suppose it's possible that OSU saved a few surprises for the MSU game because they didn't show their entire attack against the "floor mats" they played before the Big Ten season started???? Anyway, it looks like the Big Ten has some pretty weak teams again this season, including OSU, MSU, etc.
  • The complaint was that they didn't receive tapes til Thursday and when they finally got them they incomplete....i agree that teams should be responsible got their own films, but the Big Ten decided to regulate it.....for that reason the teams need to ALL follow the rules...also, the initial complaint was made prior to the game...i do agree with you that the Big Ten is a pretty weak conference this year... No team is a standout...it's gonna rough narrowing it down for the B10 championship game...that's for s sure.
  • With Ohio State and their Coach Nothing surprises me. I remember him in Florida.
  • I wouldn't put anything past Urban Meyer. He has NO scruples, but MSU needs to quit whining and making excuses. For crying out loud, if you need game film, get a DVR / TEVO and tape the opponets game every week. Give me a break..
  • Hey OSU good luck with Urban "The Liar" Meyer. He will probably run out on your program like he did with Florida. When he realized he no longer had a team that could compete with the likes of bama and LSU he bailed using the excuse of poor health and wanting to be with his family. he is a fake. Right up to a week before being hired by OSU he said he just wanted to spend time with his family. You would think after Tressel you would not have hired this classless,narcisstic,sack of crap.
  • I feel that cheatig is cheating. It's no wonder people are getting to think it is no big deal. Are there any honorable schools out there anymore? With all the lying coaches are doing and players hear this they are think everyone does it so it is ok. If they have to cheat they should have to take the game as a lose.
  • I don't have a dog in this fight but I honestly cannot understand why people care in EITHER direction...was a hard fought game played, one team won, another lost. REGARDLESS of if game film was "cut", this isn't the first time OSU played football this year and definitely not the first time MSU has played them regardless of the coach. This didn't give them any upper-hand, game film is game film. Would this article even be relevant if MSU won? Doubt it. And for all of those saying this happened BEFORE the game, I'm not sure what you are reading. Only thing I see relating to before was they didn't get film until Thursday, correct me if I'm wrong. "After Michigan State lost at home to Ohio State 17-16 on Saturday, the Spartans reportedly called into question the Buckeyes’ gamesmanship during the week leading up to the game." keyword being AFTER. Whether or not they did, there is FAR worse in this world that I'm concerned with than collegiate sports and people bending/twisting the rules. They all do it, get over it.

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