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Danica Patrick had one of the best runs of her NASCAR career at Daytona Friday night, but it ended in a hard crash at the Nationwide Series Subway Jalapeno 250. Patrick led for 13 laps, but her No. 7 Chevrolet was sent spinning and crashed on the 83rd lap of a scheduled 100. She wasn’t injured, but she was disappointed.
  • I hate it for her,I understand the frustration.I was an engine builder and part owner,of a late model nascar team,and like her,we would get close,but never made victory lane.We had to give up because we lost our sponsership,,racing is money and if you haven't got the resources,that allow you to keep trying,then you get left behind.She'll get there,don't know when but she'll make it
  • well said. its nice to see someone who knows something about racing instead of all the negative remarks
  • How can she even drive at all with the wheel in front of her face like that?! She looks like a four year old behind the wheel, her sponser needs to modify the cockpit.
  • Sir, I would respectfully submit that you watch the rerun again and watch the steering wheel pop up about 8inches in front of her face. She hit the wall and the steering got driven backwards and up. I wonder what might have happened if it came straight back....maybe no more complaining about her.
  • ummm....the steering wheel got pushed up that high when she hit the wall...although she still looks like a four year old in there :D
  • I think it would be more newsworthy if she didnt crash. i seriously doubt her car is any different than the others, it comes down to driver skill, and she has none.
  • Ally maybe that is where your drive in the ally. If you know anything about the sport you would understand it is not only driver skill that wins a race. Once you study up on the sport than make a comment
  • mor than you
  • I dout u drive one of those cars ?
  • Yesterdays race ended with Kurt Bush in winner's circle. He has been running great races with an under-funded, small team. Even with his great finishes, the press fails to interview him. He has to win to get the recognition and an interview. Danica, on the other hand, is in the press every race, even if she isn't running in them. You know I like her, but your constant biased coverage of her participation is making me feel like she overpowers every other driver. Please lighten up on the coverage and let her improve like you do for Cole Whitt or Austin Dillon.
  • Hey numb nuts, this was a nationwide race not sprint cup. Kurt drives for a fully funded team owned by his brother kyle.And danica does drive every race in the nationwide cup. By the way her car is alot better than 90% of the field. try a different sport that you may know a little about. You think maybe Kurt gets snubbed by the media because he wont talk to them, unless he is threatening to kick their butt.
  • Bear, the team that Kurt Busch runs in the Nationwide Series, is not owned by the team that he runs in Sprint Cup Series. The owner of his Nationwide car is his brother Kyle. So there is money backing him in the Nationwide Series. Just pointing out a fact.
  • Ummmm......You're both wrong. Did you even watch the race last night? Kyle drove the Monster 54, Kurt was in a James Finch Chevy number 1. It is an underfunded team and he is doing a great job overachieving in that ride. If he'd just keep his mouth shut he'd gain more support. As for Danica, I was hoping for a good finish for her last night.
  • This girl should be banned from racing! She can't drive at all and blames everyone else! Shes going to get someone hurt.I'm not saying that this is a mans sport but, this sport requires skills that she does not have.
  • What a moronic statement. For someone that can't drive yet prior to the race was in the top 10 in points standing for the Nationwide group. Your knowledge about racing is nil or you simply don't like her for whatever reason. How many have taken the checkered flag so far this season? I suppose to you all those that haven't reached that pinnacle "can't drive". Get real.
  • u havem tho
  • That is not how the steering column looks when the car is not wrecked. She took a very hard hit in the left front and it knocked the steering shaft in and up. That's why it looks kind of weird.
  • The upper limit for any human to react has evidently been reached. More crashes are to come. More wipeouts in the early race stages too. Soon, we will see a whole field of duct-taped cars flapping along, round and round,.... Is that fun? It is utter stupidity. So, it is time to limit each car's HP. Or to get the track tweaked. Going left all the time is just b-o-r-i-n-g.
  • Are you nuts! Going left is boring!!! Road racing is boring, at least you can see the race when it's on a oval track. Try watching the entire race on a road racing track, yah, it's impossible. Get real.
  • This isn't a dating site, have a real comment please.
  • It would have been a bigger story if somehow she exited the car wreck with no cloths on.
  • Do 'reporters' know what words mean any more? "...was sent spinning..." means either another car, a rock, tire/part failure, poor traction, the wind, large mice, or a water buffalo, hit her car to cause it to do this. Something beyond her control. I still don't know what happened. Perhaps it's in the video which I don't wish to watch. Regardless, it shouldn't have been written in this way. What the fooey anyway.
  • you meant to say someone wrecks her every race right
  • this isn't news! this woman can't drive, she brings big money sponsorship to NASCAR just like she did to INDY car, it's all about the money now days, talented women are racing but have no money. Google Jessica Zemken if you want to see a talented woman driver.
  • Women drivers!
  • Danica crashes is not a story. Danica always chrashes. THe real story would be Danica finishes a race without chrashing!
  • pretty hard not to crash, when another car is bouncing into her at 190mph. show me 1 crash, just 1, that wasnt started by someone else slamming her. get a clue...
  • I don't think there is anything particularly wrong with her driving. Getting caught up in somebody else's wreck while pack racing is a common racing occurance, and it happens all the time with NASCAR on superspeedways. For a first year fulltimer, Danica has done well. She just needs things to go her way. A win is certainly possible.
  • For all of you who say that Danica has no talent just remember that the great outlaw sprint driver Steve Kinser couldn't drive a cup car and had to return to sprints.
    Or, is it just that she is a woman and you don't like her in a so-called man's sport?
  • they dont like her because shes not in the kitchen. or that she can drive better than them. i took a qualifing run once at nhis icouldnt move. im 6foot three 210. shes 5 foot 100 pounds. its amazing that she handle a car at190 for all those laps.
  • moron
  • Well, if her car isn't any diffrent and she led 13 laps I'd say she can drive a little. Don't see why so many want her to fail. She' good for the sport and I hope she wins a couple.

  • At what point does a owner want to give up? She just caused another crash, no one else made a mistake.
  • and just what race were you watching? dumazzz
  • Before people pass judgement on others, they should understand what they are talking about. If you have never raced before you have no idea what it is like and everthing that is going on and also what the car feels like.
    Quit condemning until you can speak with some authority!
  • So tired of hearing about Danica. Stop her before she hurts someone. Guys like her for her looks. Women like her because she is trying to do what few other women have done. She does not have the training to be in either one of the series. She needs to pay her dues in the lower series just like everyone else. I just pray someone doesn't get killed because of her. I stopped watching NASCAR because of her. Thast's all any of the announcer talk about. Gave up my season pass to the Richmond races. Won't go just because of her.
  • Unless you have raced before, you have no right to condemn others. You have no idea what the driver sees or feels in and from the race car. And everyone reacts slightly different in the situations that develope on the track.
  • Danica should try her hand at the Tour de France. She is never going to win a Cup race. Anna Kournikova did the same in tennis. Just a pretty face and body, but no real umph to win.
  • Daniaca isn't about racing, she's about marketing.A lot of media-types who know nothing about racing have made her a "star." She is an "also-ran" driving great equipment. Look at what her rookie teammate, Cole Whitt, is doing. Does anyone think he has better equipment than Danica? She has been lapped in almost every race, sometimes more than once.

    I don't blame her at all. She is smart enough to take all the millions sponsors are throwing at her. It's the media that should wise up. My guess that her owners will keep her in Nationwide another year. She is unqualified to drive a Sprint Cup car, as has been proven. I would think sponsors would rather keep her where she had a chance to be competitive on certain tracks where the car is more important than the driver

    BTW, I'm not a male chauvenist. It would be great to see a female driver good enough to run up front consistently. As someone said in Indycar " if her name was Dan , would anybody care".
  • she's lucky she is a woman no man with her track record would still have a ride. she's not much more than a publicity stunt.
  • Does anyone remember or ever heard of a driver in Top Fuel dragsters by the name of Shirley Muldowney? She won three NHRA Winston Top Fuel championships and 18 NHRA national events. She was, also, ranked number five on the NHRA's list of top fifty drivers in the first fifty years of NHRA racing. Unlike Danica, she wasn't just another "pretty face," she actually won races and as noted, previously, she competed at the highest levels of her sport. When Danica starts doing that instead of crashing and making excuses then I'll be impressed. Until then Danica will just be another "pretty face."

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