Stating pitcher Jake Arrieta of the Chicago Cubs will not take a discount to stay with the club when his contract expires. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Jake Arrieta suggested Wednesday that he deserves more than the $175 million deal Stephen Strasburg signed with the Washington Nationals and indicated he’s not interested in giving the Chicago Cubs the so-called hometown discount.

In the wake of the seven-year deal Strasburg signed earlier this week, Arrieta pointed out that “aces get seven years,” seemingly pointing out he considers himself one. He was asked by reporters if he believes he deserves more than what Strasburg got in his deal.

“I’ll let you judge that,” Arrieta said when asked what he envisions as his market value, via ESPN’s Jesse Rogers. “Just look at the numbers.”

While Strasburg has certainly enjoyed a standout career, he hasn’t come close to matching Arrieta’s sublime performance last season when the Cubs pitcher won the National League Cy Young Award by posting a 22-6 record to go along with a minuscule 1.77 ERA. The fact that Arrieta has stormed out of the gates this season, going 6-0 in seven starts with a 1.13 ERA, arguably establishes last season wasn’t an aberration, either.

In other words, Arrieta expects to be paid. When asked if he’d entertain giving the Cubs a hometown discount to get a deal done, Arrieta shook his head and said, “No.”

Arrieta is slated to earn $10.7 million this season and has one year left of arbitration. He can become a free agent following the 2017 season.

And whenever the time comes when the Cubs and Arrieta start discussing a new deal, it’s expected to be above and beyond what Strasburg got from the Nationals, perhaps in the $200 million range.

Cubs president Theo Epstein acknowledged that the Strasburg deal will have an impact on any potential contract talks with Arrieta, whenever such discussions would occur.

A deal reportedly doesn’t appear to be in the works, but Arrieta would be fine with contract talks in-season while insisting he’d be able to remain focused on baseball even if negotiations were to occur.

“Most of the focus has to stay on what we’re trying to accomplish today,” he said. “If we keep winning, those kinds of things work themselves out in time. If they want to talk, they know where I’m at and we can get something going …

“In a perfect world, I prefer it be done quickly. Let’s get it over with and go play.”

Can you name every MLB pitcher to throw a complete game no-hitter?

An asterisk (*) denotes a perfect game.

7/15/1876: STLB
George Bradley
*6/12/1880: WORC
Lee Richmond
*6/17/1880: PROV
John Montgomery Ward
8/19/1880: CWS
Larry Corcoran
8/20/1880: BUFF
Pud Galvin
9/11/1882: LOUE
Tony Mullane
9/19/1882: LOUE
Guy Hecker
9/20/1882: CWS
Larry Corcoran
7/25/1883: PROV
Old Hoss Radbourn
9/13/1883: CLEB
Hugh Daily
5/24/1884: PHIA
Al Atkinson
5/29/1884: COLB
Ed Morris
6/5/1884: COLB
Frank Mountain
6/27/1884: CWS
Larry Corcoran
8/4/1884: BUFF
Pud Galvin
8/26/1884: CINO
Dick Burns
9/28/1884: MIL
Ed Cushman
10/4/1884: BRKA
Sam Kimber
7/27/1885: CWS
John Clarkson
8/29/1885: PHI
Charlie Ferguson
5/1/1886: PHIA
Al Atkinson
7/24/1886: BRKG
Adonis Terry
10/6/1886: BAL
Matt Kilroy
5/27/1888: BRKB
Adonis Terry
6/6/1888: KCC
Henry Porter
7/26/1888: PHIA
Ed Seward
7/31/1888: PHIA
Gus Weyhing
9/15/1890: ROCH
Cannonball Titcomb
6/22/1891: BRKG
Tom Lovett
7/31/1891: NYG
Amos Rusie
10/4/1891: STLB
Ted Breitenstein
8/6/1892: BOSB
Jack Stivetts
8/22/1892: LOUC
Ben Sanders
10/15/1892: CIN
Bumpus Jones
8/16/1893: BAL
Bill Hawke
9/18/1897: CLES
Cy Young
4/22/1898: CIN
Ted Breitenstein
4/22/1898: BAL
Jay Hughes
7/8/1898: PHI
Red Donahue
8/21/1898: CHIO
Walter Thornton
5/25/1899: LOUC
Deacon Phillippe
8/7/1899: BOSB
Vic Willis
7/12/1900: CIN
Noodles Hahn
7/15/1901: NYG
Christy Mathewson
9/20/1902: CHW
Nixey Callahan
9/18/1903: PHI
Chick Fraser
*5/5/1904: BOSA
Cy Young
8/17/1904: BOSA
Jesse Tannehill
6/13/1905: NYG
Christy Mathewson
7/22/1905: PHIA
Weldon Henley
9/6/1905: CHW
Frank Smith
9/27/1905: BOSA
Bill Dinneen
5/1/1906: PHI
Johnny Lush
7/20/1906: BRKS
Mal Eason
5/8/1907: BOSD
Big Jeff Pfeffer
9/20/1907: PIT
Nick Maddox
6/30/1908: BOS
Cy Young
7/4/1908: NYG
Hooks Wiltse
9/5/1908: BRKS
Nap Rucker
9/18/1908: CLEN
Bob Rhoads
9/20/1908: CHW
Frank Smith
*10/2/1908: CLEN
Addie Joss
4/20/1910: CLEN
Addie Joss
5/12/1910: PHIA
Chief Bender
7/29/1911: BOS
Smoky Joe Wood
8/27/1911: CHW
Ed Walsh
7/4/1912: DET
George Mullin
8/30/1912: STLB
Earl Hamilton
9/6/1912: NYG
Jeff Tesreau
5/31/1914: CHW
Joe Benz
9/9/1914: BSBR
Iron Davis
9/19/1914: BRKT
Ed Lafitte
4/15/1915: NYG
Rube Marquard
4/24/1915: PITR
Frank Allen
5/15/1915: CHCF
Claude Hendrix
8/16/1915: KCP
Alex Main
8/31/1915: CHC
Jimmy Lavender
9/7/1915: STLT
Dave Davenport
6/16/1916: BSBR
Tom L. Hughes
6/21/1916: BOS
Rube Foster
8/26/1916: PHIA
Bullet Joe Bush
8/30/1916: BOS
Dutch Leonard
4/14/1917: CHW
Eddie Cicotte
4/24/1917: NYY
George Mogridge
5/2/1917: CIN
Fred Toney
5/5/1917: STLB
Ernie Koob
5/6/1917: STLB
Bob Groom
6/3/1918: BOS
Dutch Leonard
5/11/1919: CIN
Hod Eller
9/10/1919: CLE
Ray Caldwell
7/1/1920: WASS
Walter Johnson
*4/30/1922: CHW
Charlie Robertson
5/7/1922: NYG
Jesse Barnes
9/4/1923: NYY
Sad Sam Jones
9/7/1923: BOS
Howard Ehmke
7/17/1924: STL
Jesse Haines
9/13/1925: BRKR
Dazzy Vance
8/21/1926: CHW
Ted Lyons
5/8/1929: NYG
Carl Hubbell
4/29/1931: CLE
Wes Ferrell
8/8/1931: WASS
Bobby Burke
9/21/1934: STL
Paul Dean
8/31/1935: CHW
Vern Kennedy
6/1/1937: CHW
Bill Dietrich
6/11/1938: CIN
Johnny Vander Meer
6/15/1938: CIN
Johnny Vander Meer
8/27/1938: NYY
Monte Pearson
4/16/1940: CLE
Bob Feller
4/30/1940: BRKD
Tex Carleton
8/30/1941: STL
Lon Warneke
4/27/1944: BSBR
Jim Tobin
5/15/1944: CIN
Clyde Shoun
9/9/1945: PHIA
Dick Fowler
4/23/1946: BRKD
Ed Head
4/30/1946: CLE
Bob Feller
6/18/1947: CIN
Ewell Blackwell
7/10/1947: CLE
Don Black
9/3/1947: PHIA
Bill McCahan
6/30/1948: CLE
Bob Lemon
9/9/1948: BRKD
Rex Barney
8/11/1950: BSBR
Vern Bickford
5/6/1951: PIT
Cliff Chambers
7/1/1951: CLE
Bob Feller
7/12/1951: NYY
Allie Reynolds
9/28/1951: NYY
Allie Reynolds
5/15/1952: DET
Virgil Trucks
6/19/1952: BRKD
Carl Erskine
8/25/1952: DET
Virgil Trucks
5/6/1953: STLB
Bobo Holloman
6/12/1954: MILB
Jim Wilson
5/12/1955: CHC
Sam Jones
5/12/1956: BRKD
Carl Erskine
7/14/1956: BOS
Mel Parnell
9/25/1956: BRKD
Sal Maglie
*10/8/1956: NYY
Don Larsen
8/20/1957: CHW
Bob Keegan
7/20/1958: DET
Jim Bunning
9/20/1958: BAL
Hoyt Wilhelm
5/15/1960: CHC
Don Cardwell
8/18/1960: MILB
Lew Burdette
9/16/1960: MILB
Warren Spahn
4/28/1961: MILB
Warren Spahn
5/5/1962: LAA
Bo Belinsky
6/26/1962: BOS
Earl Wilson
6/30/1962: LAD
Sandy Koufax
8/1/1962: BOS
Bill Monbouquette
8/26/1962: MIN
Jack Kralick
5/11/1963: LAD
Sandy Koufax
5/17/1963: HOUC
Don Nottebart
6/15/1963: SFG
Juan Marichal
4/23/1964: HOUC
Ken Johnson
6/4/1964: LAD
Sandy Koufax
*6/21/1964: PHI
Jim Bunning
8/19/1965: CIN
Jim Maloney
*9/9/1965: LAD
Sandy Koufax
9/16/1965: BOS
Dave Morehead
6/10/1966: CLE
Sonny Siebert
6/18/1967: HOU
Don Wilson
8/25/1967: MIN
Dean Chance
9/10/1967: CHW
Joel Horlen
4/27/1968: BAL
Tom Phoebus
*5/8/1968: OAK
Catfish Hunter
7/29/1968: CIN
George Culver
9/17/1968: SFG
Gaylord Perry
9/18/1968: STL
Ray Washburn
4/17/1969: MON
Bill Stoneman
4/30/1969: CIN
Jim Maloney
5/1/1969: HOU
Don Wilson
8/13/1969: BAL
Jim Palmer
8/19/1969: CHC
Ken Holtzman
9/20/1969: PIT
Bob Moose
6/12/1970: PIT
Dock Ellis
7/3/1970: CALA
Clyde Wright
7/20/1970: LAD
Bill Singer
9/21/1970: OAK
Vida Blue
6/3/1971: CHC
Ken Holtzman
6/23/1971: PHI
Rick Wise
8/14/1971: STL
Bob Gibson
4/16/1972: CHC
Burt Hooton
9/2/1972: CHC
Milt Pappas
10/2/1972: MON
Bill Stoneman
4/27/1973: KCR
Steve Busby
5/15/1973: CALA
Nolan Ryan
7/15/1973: CALA
Nolan Ryan
7/30/1973: TEX
Jim Bibby
8/5/1973: ATL
Phil Niekro
6/19/1974: KCR
Steve Busby
7/19/1974: CLE
Dick Bosman
9/28/1974: CALA
Nolan Ryan
6/1/1975: CALA
Nolan Ryan
8/24/1975: SFG
Ed Halicki
7/9/1976: HOU
Larry Dierker
8/9/1976: PIT
John Candelaria
9/29/1976: SFG
John Montefusco
5/14/1977: KCR
Jim Colborn
5/30/1977: CLE
Dennis Eckersley
9/22/1977: TEX
Bert Blyleven
4/16/1978: STL
Bob Forsch
6/16/1978: CIN
Tom Seaver
4/7/1979: HOU
Ken Forsch
6/27/1980: LAD
Jerry Reuss
5/10/1981: MON
Charlie Lea
*5/15/1981: CLE
Len Barker
9/26/1981: HOU
Nolan Ryan
7/4/1983: NYY
Dave Righetti
9/26/1983: STL
Bob Forsch
9/29/1983: OAK
Mike Warren
4/7/1984: DET
Jack Morris
*9/30/1984: CALA
Mike Witt
9/19/1986: CHW
Joe Cowley
9/25/1986: HOU
Mike Scott
4/15/1987: MIL
Juan Nieves
*9/16/1988: CIN
Tom Browning
6/2/1990: SEA
Randy Johnson
6/11/1990: TEX
Nolan Ryan
6/29/1990: OAK
Dave Stewart
6/29/1990: LAD
Fernando Valenzuela
8/15/1990: PHI
Terry Mulholland
9/2/1990: TOR
Dave Stieb
5/1/1991: TEX
Nolan Ryan
5/23/1991: PHI
Tommy Greene
*7/28/1991: MON
Dennis Martinez
8/11/1991: CHW
Wilson Alvarez
8/26/1991: KCR
Bret Saberhagen
8/17/1992: LAD
Kevin Gross
4/22/1993: SEA
Chris Bosio
9/4/1993: NYY
Jim Abbott
9/8/1993: HOU
Darryl Kile
4/8/1994: ATL
Kent Mercker
4/27/1994: MIN
Scott Erickson
*7/28/1994: TEX
Kenny Rogers
7/14/1995: LAD
Ramon Martinez
5/11/1996: FLO
Al Leiter
5/14/1996: NYY
Dwight Gooden
9/17/1996: LAD
Hideo Nomo
6/10/1997: FLO
Kevin Brown
*5/17/1998: NYY
David Wells
6/25/1999: STL
Jose Jimenez
*7/18/1999: NYY
David Cone
9/11/1999: MIN
Eric Milton
4/4/2001: BOS
Hideo Nomo
5/12/2001: FLO
A. J. Burnett
9/3/2001: STL
Bud Smith
4/27/2002: BOS
Derek Lowe
4/27/2003: PHI
Kevin Millwood
*5/18/2004: ARI
Randy Johnson
9/6/2006: FLO
Anibal Sanchez
4/18/2007: CHW
Mark Buehrle
6/12/2007: DET
Justin Verlander
9/1/2007: BOS
Clay Buchholz
5/19/2008: BOS
Jon Lester
9/14/2008: CHC
Carlos Zambrano
7/10/2009: SFG
Jonathan Sanchez
7/23/2009: CHW
Mark Buehrle
4/17/2010: COL
Ubaldo Jimenez
*5/9/2010: OAK
Dallas Braden
*5/29/2010: PHI
Roy Halladay
6/25/2010: ARI
Edwin Jackson
7/26/2010: TBR
Matt Garza
10/6/2010: PHI
Roy Halladay
5/3/2011: MIN
Francisco Liriano
5/7/2011: DET
Justin Verlander
7/27/2011: LAA
Ervin Santana
*4/21/2012: CHW
Philip Humber
5/2/2012: LAA
Jered Weaver
6/1/2012: NYM
Johan Santana
*6/13/2012: SFG
Matt Cain
*8/15/2012: SEA
Felix Hernandez
9/28/2012: CIN
Homer Bailey
7/2/2013: CIN
Homer Bailey
7/13/2013: SFG
Tim Lincecum
9/29/2013: MIA
Henderson Alvarez
5/25/2014: LAD
Josh Beckett
7/18/2014: LAD
Clayton Kershaw
6/25/2014: SFG
Tim Lincecum
9/28/2014: WAS
Jordan Zimmermann
6/9/2015: SFG
Chris Heston
6/20/2015: WAS
Max Scherzer
7/25/2015: PHI
Cole Hamels
8/12/2015: SEA
Hisashi Iwakuma
8/21/2015: HOU
Mike Fiers
8/30/2015: CHC
Jake Arrieta
10/3/2015: WAS
Max Scherzer
4/21/2016: CHC
Jake Arrieta
Edison Volquez

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