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Game notes:

  • Today was Jaromir Jagr’s 117th career two-goal game.  His last came on December 2 vs. Anaheim.
  • Per the Elias Sports Bureau, the last 5-on-3 goal against the Flyers was on March 9, 1993 at NYI when Benoit Hogue scored into an empty net at 19:59 of the third period.  The last 5-on-3 goal allowed by the Flyers that was not an empty-net goal was Dec. 28, 1979 at Winnipeg, scored by Jude Drouin at 4:52 of the first period.
  • Also per Elias, there has only been one other occasion where the Flyers have allowed two shorthanded goals within two minutes of one another:  Jan. 30, 1969 vs. Chicago when the Blackhawks scored two shorthanded goals in the span of 1:01 in the first period (Stan Mikita at 2:06, Chico Maki at 3:07).  Chicago won the game 12-0.   Today’s goals were scored 1:43 apart. 
  • Of the ten goals scored today between the two teams, three of them were unassisted and four more only had one assist credited.
  • Eric Wellwood became the eighth Flyers rookie to score a goal this season.
  • With Evgeni Malkin and Claude Giroux each picking up an assist today, Malkin stays two points ahead of Giroux in the NHL scoring race. 
  • The Flyers are now 4-10-1 this season in games that start before 7 PM, with more than half of their regulation losses this season now coming in that circumstance.  The Flyers have allowed five or more goals in seven of those games.
  • Nick Grossman recorded eight hits and three blocked shots in his Flyers debut.  He now has 103 blocked shots on the season, which is a new career high for him.

Quotes and video highlights are after the jump.


Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette

Q: Peter obviously the two shorthanded goals were a really critical turning point in the game but do you look at this and say our strength and power play let us down there or do you say, I got to get a stop on one of those from our goaltender?

“I think we can do a better job of taking care of the puck there, a couple times – I would say both, we need a stop as well.”

Q: Did it seem to you that the taking care of the puck part just continued through the game?

“There wasn’t a whole lot through two periods.  Once it got to be 5 – 3 we lost our steam there it seemed to me.”

Q: Even after the two shorties, you guys tie it up there, and you couldn’t like the way you come out there in the third…

“No.  I wasn’t happy with the first shift, it seemed like we were – they come hard with the two man fore-check and we turned the puck over a couple times.  We had a chance to slow it down and eat it, we didn’t, and spit it back out.  We ended up – they kept that cycle going, the extended cycle and were able to cash one in there but the start of the third wasn’t a good start.”

Q: How concerned are you with your goaltending right now?  Both guys have struggled now for a little bit.

“You’re coming off of a day where we needed to be better.  You’re asking the question now, so I think everybody is frustrated right now with the loss to Pittsburgh and I think that we can be better in a lot of different areas and that certainly is one of them.”

Q: Peter, what did you see in JVR and Grossman today?

“Grossman, I thought he played a strong game.  He’s a big guy with a heavy stick, he’s physical, he gets his body in the way.  I thought he played a lot of the rushes and the d-zone coverage, he did a good job.  He’s a big man.  With regard to JVR, I thought that he got into the game.  It looked like he was skating okay and generated some chances and I thought for coming back after missing so many games, he jumped in and did a good job for us.”

Q: Your younger guys, especially on defense, it just seems like the number of giveaways are really going up as time goes on.  Is it just something, is it a stretch that they’ve hit, is it a wall that they’ve hit, do you think it’s because…

“I’m not sure again, you’re coming off a time where…”

Q: Well, it wasn’t just this game…

“Yeah.  But today I guess, coming off a loss like that where the turnovers turned into results the other way.  I don’t think it’s been a big problem with the young guys.  The rookies.  Are you talking about the rookies?”

Q: Well, yeah, you’ve got two of them there.  One guy had a bad game today, the other day - penalty kill has been suffering, it’s not just them.

“Well the penalty kill I think is different, that’s not turnovers.  That’s why I was asking about your question.  Do I think the rookies hit a wall?  No, if there was a player or two that struggled today, then we move on, we teach, and we fix and try to correct.”


Flyers right wing Jaromir Jagr

Q: Jaromir, how upset are you to know that the game completely unravels on what is really the strength of the team, the power play?

"The key play, I think we still had a lead two-one and we had a power play and the same power play they scored two short-handed goals and it changed the momentum. That's tough. Should have a lead three-one at least and (inaudible). It was tough."

Q: Jaromir, when you play (inaudible) any of those Pittsburgh goals, are they good goals?

"Well, it doesn't really matter. They scored. When they scored on our power play, we have to be a little bit more careful with making a better play. We were probably pushing too much to get a goal and making bad plays."

Q: Is it getting concern from you guys about how much the goaltending has struggled to play?

"I don't pay attention to that. They have some great saves, sometimes they go in. It's tough. We should be more careful with the puck when we have a power play. We tried to score, it didn't work. We can't blame anyone else. We shouldn't give them any shots on our power play. We just didn't play well today on our power play."

Q: Did that continue in the third period? did you get caught up in a skating game with them a little bit because you guys were (inaudible) a little bit?

"Well, they scored kind of right away to make it four-three and the next shift to make it five-three and then you have nothing to lose. You have to play kind of a bunker, try to score. They are smart enough to play very good defense in our neutral zone and in the defensive zone. After that, we just didn't have anything, even when we tried to play more offense."

Q: Considering that your power play is good, is it hard to believe what happened out there? One of the goals is a five on three.

"Well, it was tough play, they jumped over the stick. That kind of stuff will happen when you play 82 games. It's too bad it happened against Pittsburgh. It's too bad it happened in that situation. If you have the lead or not, it doesn't really matter."

Q: Did you feel good out there? You came out and had a couple quick goals there.

"Not really. I didn't really play much, so..."


Philadelphia Flyers Left Wing James van Riemsdyk

Q: How’d you feel?

“It was good to get back out there. You don’t forget how fun it is but you miss it a lot. Although it wasn’t the result we wanted it was fun to be out there with the guys again hopefully I can build off this.”

Q: It seemed like you were edgy and testy at times, is that [a result of] not playing in a while?

“I don’t know, maybe a little bit. I don’t want to take crap from anyone out there, so right off the bat I wanted to make that clear….I took a stupid penalty there but, yeah, I wanted to get that out there right away.”

Q: I know you haven’t had a chance to look at any video yet, but how to you digest this one, looking at the overall picture?

“It’s tough. This was obviously a big game here, a division rival, it means a lot in the standings so we’re going to have to find a way to get better here because we’re in a little bit of a rut now. There’s no reason really to panic I don’t think and we have a lot of guys who’ve played a lot of games, a lot of meaningful games, and know what it takes to dig yourself out of holes like this.”

Q: Certainly not the result you wanted, but how did this game feel for you? It had to be a big game, I’m sure you’ve heard about people talking trade rumors and what-not and some people even going so far as to say you might’ve been holding back a little bit extra because of the concussion and the trade deadline coming up…What are your thoughts on all of that?

“You know, it’s funny when people question your character who’ve never even met you before. One thing I pride myself on is being a hard-working guy who has high character and when people say that about you, you can only really just laugh about it and just let it roll off you because I know what I’m all about and that’s not one of the things I’m about. I’m not selfish. If that [being traded] has to happen, whatever, it’s part of the game. I’m just focused on what’s going on now and that’s helping the Flyers win games. “

Q: What’s the mood like on the team right now? You guys have struggled for a few weeks, this was kind of an ugly one…..are you guys getting down?

“No. Like I said, we have a lot of guys who have played a lot of games and we know it’s tough to play a full 82 game season without struggling. To be honest, you want to struggle at some point to see what your made of and I think this will only make us stronger if we can find a way to dig ourselves out of this rut that we’re in here and I think we definitely have the guys in here that can do it.”

Q: Talk about the goaltending situation. It’s been kind of a mess in the past, you were around for that, and people thought it was going to be fixed this year but clearly the fans seem to be turning on the goalies once again….”

“Yeah, you know what, I think those guys need to kind of keep quiet up there. I know they pay their money to see the team but you win as a team and you lose as a team. You can’t ever pinpoint it on one guy and we know those guys are working hard back there so we’re going to have to support them a little bit better and figure it out. It’s not just one guy, it’s all twenty of us that have to turn this thing around.”


Flyers defenseman Nick Grossman

Q: Is it safe to say this wasn’t there kind of inauguration you were expecting in Philadelphia, was it?

“It’s never fun with a loss.  It’s an important game for us and we came out pretty strong but then they got a couple shorthanded on us.  That kind of took away the jump in our legs.”

Q: You ever seen two shorthanded goals like that in one power play?

“It happened, but when you’re on the power play you try to get shots, especially momentum going for the team.  When they got a couple on us it kind of gets the jump out of us a little bit, where we couldn’t really recover after that.  We were chasing after that.  Like I said, I think we had a good start, we were in the game and it was a tight game, but they got the two points and it’s not the outcome we wanted.”


Flyers left wing Eric Wellwood

Q: Did you know the puck crossed the line after your attempt on goal?

“Not at all, it happened so quickly that I didn’t know it went in until I started to curl back to get back on the forecheck.”

Q: Is it kind of anticlimactic and disappointing when you look at the overall picture what happened out there this afternoon?

“Yeah exactly, It was bittersweet.  I thought my goal came at a good time, right at the end of the period to tie it up.  Seemed like we got the momentum and they got that quick goal after the first shift.”

Q: You always chase on that play, but you never expect the puck to be just sitting there.  Did you have to think, oh my god this puck is just sitting here for me?

“No, absolutely, like you said, you never expect the puck to be there.  Everything happened so fast and it was so close on Fleury.  I just try to poke it on net and I didn’t have any place that I was trying to put it and it just went in, so it was nice.”

Q:   Eric is it tough to be up here right now, when this team is going through a slump?  They haven’t won back to back games since January 12?

“Yeah, it’s a little tough.  You always want to come up here and help the team be successful and were not being as successful as planned and as hoped.  Hopefully that will turn around.  I got confidence in this team and the guys in the locker room that we will.”


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