Likes and Dislikes for the EliteXC's CBS broadcast

Likes: Introduction was good, no Pride intro but still good. The announce team was good. Any time I hear Mauro is a good night of fights. Explanation of the rules with Frank Shamrock was good. Phil Baroni's ring entrance was great, it took almost ten minutes for him to get to the ring. And every second of it was great! His robe was spectacular too. Commercial for Street Fighter IV. Should be Street Fighter 7,939 but who's counting? There were a lot of commercials but it should be expected. Just remember, you're getting to see a great card for free. How can you complain about that? The quality of the video interviews was great. I like the fact that they didn't shy away from the fact that Gina did not make weight and has to share about 12 percent of her purse to Kaitlin Young. Garry Shaw's response to the Lawler and Smith's fight, giving both fighters their winning purse is very nice and shows how well EliteXC treats their athletes. I love James Thompson's pump action thing he does. Dislikes: Introductions are too long. We don't need to know who the judges are for the under card bouts. Only the main event and co-main event should have that kind of build up. We also don't need to see the ref read the rules to the under card fights. Theres nothing impressive with Rogers and Murphy's stare down. Get rid of the whole build up, people just want these fights to go end as fast as possible so they can see the main event. The EliteXC girls have to go. I have no desire to see rhythm less girls prance around as if they can dance. Gina's nick name "Conviction"... enough said. Another thing I don't like how they allow Gina's dad into the cage at the end of each of her fights. All for sappy TV ratings, complete and utter BS. You don't see them allowing Willa Ford in the octagon when Chuck Liddell destroyed Tito Ortiz. The fans in attendance, the lack of respect they show for the fighters is unbelievable. But thats not EliteXC's fault. The way the Lawler vs Smith fight ended was very unfortunate, the doctor asked Smith if he could see and his response was "I cant see right now, give me my five minutes and I'll be okay." Being a doctor, you shouldn't tell them you can't see. I understand why the doctor stopped the fight, but they should have allowed him his five minutes. James Thompson's ears, need I say more? I definitely don't like how close the camera men get when they're announcing the fighters. I don't want to look up Kimbo's nose and see whats up there. The ref's performance in the Kimbo vs Thompson fight. Kimbo took a lot of shots and did not block any of them in the second round, then decides to stop the fight after James Thompson gets rocked early in the third round. I didn't like how abruptly they ended the TV broadcast. All in all it was a good card. Nothing spectacular but definitely not a bad card. A few bad calls but a good effort by CBS and EliteXC. I cant wait for next time...

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