15 best side dishes involving potatoes

In case you didn’t know, February is Potato Lover's Month, which basically means an entire month was dedicated to people like us. Similar to Bubba and his beloved shrimp from “Forrest Gump,” we love potatoes at any meal, in any form, made any way and served with any number of ingredients. After all, when you really think about it, there are a ton of different potato preparations...
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There is no debate: 'Phantom Thread' deserves to win Best Picture

There is a scene early on in "Phantom Thread" that perfectly sums up what it’s like to watch a Paul Thomas Anderson film. In it, Alma (Vicky Krieps), a foreign woman of indeterminate European origin working at an English countryside restaurant during the post-World War II period, agrees to move to London with Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis) after he, a brilliant but burned out...
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Celebrate Hot Breakfast Month with these 20 slow-cooker recipes

We’ll admit it: a bowl of cereal or a granola bar is our default breakfast when time is short or laziness levels are high... and sometimes the default becomes the norm. I mean, who wants to put together a whole hot breakfast and then go to work for eight hours? (And then on the weekends, it’s more like, “I’m not making breakfast; today is my day off!”) But 2018 is a new year, and...
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Best screenwriters to never win Best Screenplay

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hands out two screenwriting Oscars a year (for "original" and "adapted" works), but they've still managed to pass over some of the greatest writers in the history of the medium over the last ninety years. As in every other category, there have been some egregious snubs, but, in some cases, certain brilliant writers simply aren't prolific...
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Stay warm this winter with these 20 twists on traditional chili

February 22 is National Chili Day, which means if you haven’t started celebrating yet, you still have time! In case you were caught off guard, we’ve got you covered with some recipes. The catch? They’re not for your typical bowl of chili. Instead, these are recipes for chili using unique ingredients, as well as clever ways to serve it that think outside of the bowl. Stay warm this...
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WATCH: Charlize Theron ready to wave the green flag for the Daytona 500 | NASCAR RACEDAY

Charlize Theron talks with Shannon Spake about serving as the honorary starter for the Daytona 500.
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The 17 current Oscar-nominated films that have been seen the least

The nominees of the 90th Academy Awards (airing on Sunday, March 4) were announced in late January, meaning film fans have already had a month to see the various contenders. And considering the fact that all films had to have been released prior to the start of 2018, it has actually been at least a couple months, or even up to a year, in some cases. So how many people actually saw...
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How the 1990 Academy Awards lit the fuse for today's Oscar diversity initiative

In the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day 1990, Karl Malden and Geena Davis announced on behalf of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that the Oscars had very little love for Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing.” Two nominations: Best Supporting Actor for Danny Aiello’s portrayal of the pandering pizzeria owner Sal and a thanks-for-playing Best Original Screenplay nod...
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First-time nominees of the 2018 Academy Awards

The 90th Academy Awards will take place on March 4, 2018, with a lot of talented individuals vying for awards in the various categories. Many of these folks have been to the event before, but there are also a lot of people – both newcomers and industry veterans – who received their first nominations this year, including a few that you’ll be surprised to find out never managed to...
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Best talk show appearance and interviews from Oscar noms

Being an artist is more than just being an artist – you have to work the circuit to make sure people buy into your creation. The best talk show hosts know this isn't always a fun duty for shy writers, cagey directors and actors who value their privacy, and only the very talented know how to delicately and expertly tease out the funniest and most personal stories their guests are...
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20 fun facts about Meryl Streep that even she doesn’t remember

On an episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” back in early January, the late-night funnyman quizzed guest Meryl Streep to see if the acting icon could name each of the 20 films for which she received an Academy Award nomination. In a rare miss, Meryl actually failed to do something... and in spectacular fashion, at that. While stifling laughs and frustrated feelings, Streep could only manage...
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Who are the Oscar nominees outside of their nominated character?

The problem with an Oscar-caliber role is that for the rest of your career, people tend to think of you only as that character; not as a human person who laughs at how poorly they play boardgames like Catchphrase, possessing good dance moves and a surprisingly solid basketball shot. While we never truly get to see behind a performer's mask, it's fun when we get to catch glimpses...
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How do the 2018 Best Picture noms compare to the past twenty years of Oscar history?

It's anyone's guess to which movie will win the Oscar for Best Picture this year. The group of nominees include some of the best films to come out of Hollywood in a long time. But how good are 2018 nominees in comparison to those nominated in previous years? To answer that question, we've ranked every group of nominees from the last two decades, from worst to best. 
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These 20 genius filmmakers never won the Oscar for Best Director

For aspiring directors, winning an Academy Award signifies reaching the pinnacle. But that golden statue a cineaste and auteur does not make. In fact, some of the greatest filmmakers that ever lived weren't even nominated for Best Director. Need proof? Here are 20 icons whose name was never inside that envelope.
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Why Jimmy Kimmel isn't the perfect Oscars host for 2018 in Hollywood

When the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced last May that Jimmy Kimmel would return to host the 2018 Oscars, the entertainment world was not, as it is now, on fire. Back then, a news item trumpeting Harvey Weinstein's production of "The Louis B. Mayer Story" starring Kevin Spacey, written by James Toback and directed by Brett Ratner would belong in Variety, not...
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Femme Fatales: Why we can't get enough of these dangerous beauties

Defined as "mysterious and seductive women whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations," femme fatales have been a part of film since its inception, beguiling men with their wiles, while often being defined by the men they seduced. Today's femme fatales don't need a man to be dangerous, and in celebration of "'Red Sparrow...
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Even in these political times, Jimmy Kimmel is the perfect host for the Oscars

On March 4, Jimmy Kimmel will host the 90th Academy Awards. Best case scenario, everyone will be talking about the night’s biggest winners and their speeches the following morning, and the late night talk show host will be nothing but an afterthought. If last year’s festivities are any indication, the chances of that happening are high.It's understandable to feel uneasy about the...
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22 of the best Beatles covers

However you measure pop-music success – hit singles, album sales, industry awards, critical acclaim – the Beatles rank near the top. The band has maintained a staggering level of respect among their peers and fellow artists since they first burst on the scene in 1963, as demonstrated by the thousands of cover versions of their songs that have been recorded over the last 50 years...
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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel and NBA Stars laugh at Fergie's National Anthem Rendition at 2018 NBA All Star Game

This was way too funny not to post especially since we were LIVE covering this event. You guys can get the behind the scenes footage from all 3 of our Vlogs on this channel. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button! ► Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/CowbellkingdomTV ► Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ck-podcast...
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The most memorable Oscar moments of the past 20 years

Everyone loves a good movie, and every once in awhile, the ceremony which hands out the film industry's highest honors can be just as entertaining as any blockbuster. We remember the hilarious hosts, the dramatic and touching speeches, and the occasional stunning upset of a category win, making for great water cooler talk the next day. Yet even more than that, we remember the jokes...
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Rarest and weirdest achievements in Oscar history

The Academy Awards have been dishing out Oscars since 1929, and, amid the snubs and surprises, there have been some truly unusual achievements. Weird coincidences, unprecedented success stories, a dog getting nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay... the Oscars never fail to amuse and confound. What follows is a collection of the most notable accomplishments. Some are inspiring, some...
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2018 Oscar nominees you didn’t know were previously nominated

When it comes to the 90th Academy Awards, there are a lot of famous faces that received nominations, along with a few names that might not be as noticeable. Obviously, most people are aware that Hollywood heavyweights like Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Christopher Plummer, and Aaron Sorkin have already won big at the event in previous years, and also that the...
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Daniel Craig: The reluctant James Bond

In late 2004, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson offered Daniel Craig the role of every British lad’s dreams: They wanted him to be the next James Bond. Craig, however, was dismayed over the absence of a script and the too-polished nature of the part, and so, after a brief negotiation, the 35-year-old son of an art teacher and a publican told the producers to sod off....
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The 20 best TV moms of all time

If you’ve been a sitcom fan anytime in the last two decades, you probably think of Patricia Heaton as a mom in some regard. After all, she played a mother as Debra Barone on CBS’ hit comedy “Everybody Loves Raymond” from 1996 to 2005, as Kelly Carr on FOX’s “Back to You” from 2007 to 2008, and as Frances “Frankie” Heck on ABC’s “The Middle,” which premiered in 2009 and is currently...
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Best and worst renditions of the national anthem

Saturday, Mar. 3 is National Anthem Day (you had this marked on your calendar, right?), which is as good of an excuse as any to revisit the most memorable renditions of "The Star-Spangled Banner" we've been treated/subjected to over the years. The best versions are often the most adventurous; alas, the same can be said of the biggest debacles. Here are 20 performances that filled...
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